Giving Yourself Credit in this Reflection Based Economy 

I have noticed that many people who are engaged in self work come across an easily looked over loopdiloop along the spiritual journey: Putting to much praise on others for the reason we are the way we evolve. Reflecting everything we do onto the outside world.

Whether it be in a positive or negative lesson, the way we treat it all is very similar. We find blessings in the situations. We do our best to bless up the world and not the reason why we want to do it in the first place…personal growth. We forget to pat our own selves on the back and give ourselves credit.

We understand now more than ever that what goes on around us is a reflection of what we are projecting from ourselves. So we begin to appreciate all things and all situations because hey its us too right?

Our own journey and how we go about evolving with the universe is the reason we keep moving forward but we somehow forget that’s our purpose in the first place. All of our purpose. It actually is purpose.

We are super humble begins but sometimes this can create a pattern that causes a bit of stagnation along the path.

Let us follow the path of least resistance back within to our inner power. The way back.

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