Paolo Veronese or Paul the Venestian

Being guided to dig a deeper into the symbolism of the Artist Paolo Veronese an awareness came over me.

Paolo Veronese is a respected artist from the Golden Age of the renaissance period in Italy. He painted many stunning murals of religious and mythical significance. What really sparked my attention was that not only well know for his talent and as an ascended mater in the esoteric groups but that one painting in particular was “converted” by the Inquisition from the Last Super to the Feast in the house of Levi.

He began painting at a young age and by his teens was painting murals in the beautiful churches of Venice. Born in Verona hence the last name Veronese he later rested in Venice Italy.

One of the first painting I dove into of his is the Wedding in the House of Cana taken from a scene in The New Testament of John ll 1-11 where Jesus turned water to wine…


When I first saw this picture it really symbolized the spiritual journey for me. First the eyes go straight to our center of the painting. Christ aware, vibrant and ever present. His supporters at his side with there simple natural linens and concerned eyes 1111 While the world around is engaged in indulgence.

This reminded me of my own personal battle with staying centered and in tune instead giving into distraction.

Later I read over a quote…”The frescoes were designed to unite humanistic culture with Christian spirituality” which seemed to sum up Paulo’s artwork if it could be.

Another cool fact about the above painting is that the blue color of the sky contains the precious crystal lapis-lazuli.

Coronation of the Virgin Mary:

This is another one that made me really think. There is a level of deep respect here. My interpretation: with Father Gods infant support man will gracefully crown the Virgin once more. It seems that overtime we have either forgot the importance of the great Mother or maybe we had to learn it as a race altogether. Here the masculine and feminine in this setting share similar garments. There is an equality. I also see a certain aspect of the holy trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Mother, Father and Son. I feel this painting is a huge reminder to respect the feminine spirit of creation and that she too is to be honored. Virgin to me symbolizes purity, innocence and the great feminine.

Digging up gems of information using symbolism to uncover the pieces to the many versions of half truths taught to us. I am not religious but I do believe every religion has seeds of wisdom that deserve attention and credit. As well as artist interpretation of a snap shot in time within a snapshot in time.

Next: Diving into the Golden Age and its many interpretations.

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