Making Pesto with Wild Herbs

Spring weeds come and go quickly and it’s best to eat these nutrient dense allys as fresh as they come. What better way to do it then make yummy pesto with them!

I owe my inspiration here to the valuable knowledge passed down from my teacher Nicole Telkes of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine.

We use the classic spring weeds from central Texas like chickweed (top), cleaver tops (bottom), dandelion greens, nettle and henbit (purple flowers).

For this recipe I used: A wild herb blend of henbit, cleaver and chickweed, then basil, cilantro, pecans, garlic, salt, pepper, and olive oil.

Mostly basil and a handful of local spring herbs. One medium clove of garlic, salt and pepper as desired, pinch of cilantro from the garden and a handful of pecans. Add Olive oil as you blend for desired consistency.  Improve kitchery at its finest, little this little that. Use a food processor to blend everything together. I have this cute little one perfect for dips… and then, wha la! You have created you some fresh herb pesto with a magical twist of wild!


Stelleria media (chickweed): High in some of our favorite nutrients: Magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin C. The high concentration of saponins in the chickweed increases the bio-availablity of nutrients especially minerals in the body, helping us to absorb them more efficiently. Minerals are really limited in our modern diets so chickweed is a great ally to have in the yard. Given to children and elderly for overall strengthening. Also known for its ability to sooth skin.

Galium aparine, et al (cleaver): Used as a lymphatic stimulant cleavers are know as a great spring tonic to help kick-start the immune system and get things a moving during seasonal change. There anti-inflammatory qualities and natural diuretic abilities make them specific for soothing external wounds and urinary disorders. High in naturally occurring fatty acids and flavanoids.

Lamium amplexicaule (henbit): A fun wild edible that can be added to a fresh wild spring salad. Can be used as a great way to get your vital plant nutrients and also has theose awesome anti-inflammatory properties most plants contain. Wild plants overall are said to contain vital compounds that intelligently work synergistically to balance the body.

and cant forget a Basil profile!

Ocimum basilicum (basil): A common carmnative kitchen herb, basil will help with easing digestion of the food it’s pared with. It is said basil in even the smallest of doses will ease the pressure of depression. Bazil overall has an uplifting effect on the spirit.

Have fun, keep it fresh and stay wild!

References:                                                                                                                            http://www.susunweed.com/Article_Chickweed-A-Star.htm                                                           Medicinal Plants of Texas by Nicole Telkes, Practicing Herbalist

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