We Are Only Responsible for Our Own Happiness.

Responsibility. A great word to explore our relationship to. Do we feel responsible for others, there actions and/or level of wellbeing?

I never thought the responsibility I felt for the world around me and its capacity for happiness was actually keeping me from my own.

We can all place way too much expectation on ourselves in this soul journey. One way is by believing it is up to us to fix or heal someone and in result create a happiness for them. 

Its especially common in those who are interested in the holistic arts. We start believing that because we hold certain knowledge and passions that it is up to us to utilize it and save the whole world with our healing knowledge. We then birth what we now term the guru complex. And… if we don’t follow the “plan” we may get a dock on our spiritual check lists and miss the trip home…

Since we all do truly want to help, the most whole-istic plan of action is to share. Sharing our knowledge. Sharing our excess goods and unique passions with our fellow man. By simply passing along the materials that helped us along on our journey, we have the ability to possibly help another.

The catch is doing so without any expectation of gaining anything in return and that anything will come of it bc its a mystery only that friend soul can fully undsrstand. It happens naturally when resistance and expectation is removed.

Again, is it our responsibility to share? No. It is our soul choice in this journey to do what we wish. We live in a free will based universe. It is a choice. And if we choose to share there again can be no expectation if the person will use it or even be helped from it. What they do with the information/material is up to them. After we pass something, along we then should  let it go to run its on corse.

Now I feel many spiritual people hold onto this belief: We may think we will not finish our job here on earth and get in trouble by the “big guys”. Almost like there’s a jurer judging us and penalizing us. Growing up in deeply religuous world I can see why we reflect this into out relations. We may feel if we don’t do our spiritual work we will not get through the “gates” so to speak and be damned to some lesser place. As I’ve taken the time to filter  through these limiting feelings, I can finally tell that they are simply fearful dogmatic ideas either I or those who vam before me were told and then belidved. Then, by logical deduction must not be a truth.

This is our dogmatic conditioning. Patterns of fear driven thoughts leaders before used to cobtrol the masses. These thoughts are tied to old religious beliefs, methods of government and the culture of the times. Its so powerful and can last through generations.

If you dare to dive alittle furthur… it started with our false separation from source. It causes us to feed on the outside world to fill our void of seperate love. We started to forget that love is in and is all things. We started to see this love coming from the outside instead of coming from within. 

We are working through, decoding all our limiting thought patterns. I big reason why we attach ourselves to others happiness, from our deep collective fear of loss instead of the assurance that the truth is everlasting love eternal.

With all this being said who’s the only person we are responsible for? Ourselves of course! No one or nothing outside of ourselves can give or hand us over our happiness. The happiness we all crave comes from within us and is up to us to embrace it.

Addiction, over consumerism and codependency manifest in this void. People believe that the things they buy, the drugs they take or even people they love are what makes them feel happy or happier then they felt before they felt the lack of love. 

But where does the feeling of happiness we generate come from? It is coming from within us. We create the feeling we feel.

The main point of this all is that we cant be the ones to give happiness to another and we can’t revive our happiness from others as well. It’s an individual’s souls journey of strengthening faith and self awareness.

The more that we get to know our own unique feeling of joy, where its sourcing from, and what generares this for us the truer our happiness becomes and the more sustained it will be. Our need to over-eat, over-drink. over shop and over indulge will lessen and our excitement for our day to day life will be restored.

Its when we become responsible for our own joy/journey and stop feeling the responsibility others, the more happiness we will be encouraging in all our lives collectively, the stronger we will all become Then and only then we will all be living out our true purpose. Our own unique sacred spiritual growth ♡*

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