Alchemy Thursday’s

Exploring some of the symbolic stories the day Thursday has to share with us…

The origin of the name Thursday in rooted in the Nordic god of lightening Thor or Thor-day and also the day of the closely related Greek thunder and lightening God Zues.

Jupiter is the symbolic planet for Thor-day and is bigger than all the planets in our solar system combined! No wonder the planet is associated with some of the strongest and courageous masculine archetypes of our known world.

The symbol of Jupiter it’s self looks like the Greek letter zeta, holding the value of 7. Seven is the number of perfection and order, representing quick manifestation, the Sacred and Father God. These attributes also likened to the Gods Zeus and Thor: as they move with justice, creating order, manifesting reality and seeing the bigger picture. Jupiter is also known for being lucky. Maybe associated to the manifestation powers this planet harnesses and why number 7 is also considered the “lucky” number.


This symbol for Jupiter is a crescent representing receptivity and sits above a cross, representing matter. The cross is also symbolic for the crossroads or to unite.

The colors Jupiter relate to are different shades of purples, blue, greens and browns. And Jupiter holds the trans formative power of the element of fire. There’s a large spectrum of energies and tools here to work with Jupiter’s influences.

Jupiter is a symbol of abundance and the dawning realization of having more than enough. Or not realizing how much we really have. He has an alchemical power to manifest and has a way of getting us to trust in the unseen forces that helps us manifest our changing reality. A great recipe for gaining Divine insights, expanding our awareness and cultivating our conscious Co-Creator.


Jupiter was a sun that failed to ignite and thus gives off more energy than it takes in. A friendly reminder to take stock and regularly center in and harness the energy we are putting out or manifesting.

On days influenced by Jupiter it is beneficial to be aware of any excess in our lives . A good time to be a more mindful about our indulgent patterns. Then it would be great to reflect on all we are gaining thus far, reiterating to ourselves and expressing the gratitude for how provided for we are. Buy this we are taking stock in our successes, celebrating our progress. Then by envisioning how we would like to extend our prosperity in a holistic and just way, we harmoniously manifest true abundance.


Overall Jupiter teaches us balance and brings us to a uniting point in our crossroads, so that justice can be served, cleared, some order obtained, heightening or manifestation abilities and awakening purpose. This is a great space to harness our own personal wealth and strike a balance in how we relate with the abundance gained from that. Helping us to gain trust in the power of the unseen forces and the knowing we are provided for when we simply ask for the help. The knowing. He who expands our awareness and helps us to see the Bigger picture we are all apart of. The philosopher.

The Divine 7 of abundant, heightened, trans-formative awareness/understanding. Surrender to Trust and you may start feeling lucky ❤

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