Alchemy Wednesday’s

What symbolism is associated with Wednesday? And where does the name come from?
The origin of name that we call the days of our week are coined from the planetary bodies by the early alchemist/astrologers of ancient Rome: Monday is the day of the moon or moon-day, Saturday being the day of Saturn or saturn-day and Sunday the sun.

Wednesday is named after Woden, who is associated with the planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet that symbolizes communication, silver, air and balance. Hermes, the archetypal figure of Mercury is the communicator and messenger of God, the helper who transmits to and fro: “the in-between”. This is where we will pull alot of our symbolism from.

Mercury is known for being the winged one. Who fly’s with with a quickness and accuracy. He is gods number one messanger. Birds are also known as messengers being  of the air, in the inbetween realm, not of the earth or in heaven. This we relate this day with communication and air elements.

We see Hermes also holding the alchemy symbol of the Caduceus in his hand, with two snakes spiraling upwards in harmony to meet in the middle of two symmetrical flying wings. This symbol represents healing and the balance of duality.

Mercury is neither seen as Masculine or Feminine, it is a merge and balance of the two. Hermes is were the root of the word hermaphrodite comes from. As well as the planet of the twined sign Gemini. Consisering this: wednesday is what we considered “hump day”, the middle or the day in-between. A nice day to reflect and balance both sides of our earlthy spirits: our light and our shadow, masculine and feminine. 

There are colors associated with each day and planet on Alchemy Wednesdays are different shades of silvers and oranges. Consider this: Mercury is the fastest moving planet and it is the “quicksilver”, the element of Mercury that makes up most of this planets surface. The Metal Silver has a sharp/quickness personality all on it’s own.

Mercury day would be a good day to wear  bright gray silver essence, light blue, dark silver, charcoal, light purple and soft orange colors. 

Mercury helps us to connect the dots efficiently, understanding complex knowledge sharply, communicating the acquired knowledge clearly as we unfoldment. Mercury hints at us in a parental way, pushing us to strengthen our understanding of what our personal flow feels and looks like and how that creates balance in our lives so that we may feel more inclined to create and move with purpose and meaning.

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