The Nature of Simplicity 

usNature has an amazing affect on the mind, body and spirit. It has the ability to help heal us through simplicity.


With our expansive awareness and the many tools we use to expand them even more, it makes us all a little more complex… and with this comes the increasing need to nourish, ground, and center ourselves everday. With great awareness requires great responsibility…especially ouselves.

From my own experience I have completely gotten lost in helping others that I felt guilty helping myself or receiving help from others. When we do this many other negative side effects manifest resulting in a huge imbalance within our spirits.

One of my favorite ways of grounding into some simplicity is to immerse oneself into nature. Take the shoes off, sit back, tune in and zone out. It seems too simple but that’s the main point. The magic is in the simplicity of it and to me is one of the easiest methods of reaching this with the added plus of beautiful landscapes and sounds of birds you can tune into. Relaxing stimulation.

Also, being barefoot out in nature is scientifically proven to be beneficial to our health and well-being:

“the earth naturally carries a huge negative charge. (That’s why all of our appliances are grounded.) This difference in polarity or charge between your body and another is why you get zapped in the winter when you touch another object. It’s your body’s way of discharging this unwanted charge. Direct contact with the ground also allows us to discharge free radicals.”

Earth is an ever-present and abundant antioxidant, reducing our risks of all cancers, cardiovascular dis-ease, and anything relating to issues with inflammation. Also, earthing adds the additional benefits of stimulating blood-flow, increasing healthy circulation and harmonizing our nervous systems.

Thank you Mamma Earth!

Nature is a balancer in the way of helping us organize the chaos that we begin to accrue. As we separate ourselves from the chaos of the modern world and tune into the harmonic sounds and smells of nature something magical happens. Tuning into nature gives our over active minds and energic bodies whatd needed to take a break. It takes our attention away from the mind and into the present moment. For much of our overactive minds this is a much needed vacation. As we allow our selves to be nurtured by nature we get a better since of our connection to the whole and our selves.

When we allow a clear head space to ripple in through the sounds of the wind and the relaxing smells of the fragrant flowers, we begin setting up a healing container crafted from the energies of nature herself. This space that we co-create together makes a conducive space to pick up on the insight we have been asking for, conjuring up the clarity needed to hear the guiding messages actively leading us to our next steps to take.

It is a choice to bring ourselves to set up a simplified space needed for us to set the intention to open up and begin to receive the healing we yearn for. That is the base to any fast recovery from mental or physical illnesses and anything that else needs patching up in our lives. Choice of will, a simple healing space and a clear intention.

Natures its own frew alchemical setting for healing and transformation. Gifting us the lens to see the bigger picture (our deeper connection to the whole) and re-memebering the source of it all. Choosing to learn to open up and listen to the ever active yet gracefully harmonic dance of nature is a beautiful way to dive into a deeply connected part of our being and a huge leap towards owning our Peace. States of existence everyone has the freewill to achieve.

It really is all about the simple things. Bringing all of our soul parts and understandings back to the basics. To the root and source~*

The Naturalist Way.



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Photos by: Amelia Lopez

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