The Touch of the Tree Spirits by Ted Andrews

“The tree is an ancient magical symbol. It represents all things that grow, fertility and life itself. It’s roots are in the earth, and yet it’s branches reach towards the heavens. It is a bridge between heaven and earth, a mediator between two worlds. It is a natural doorway to other realms, especially that of the fairies and elves.”

wp-image-1726535099(Appalachian Trail: Hot Springs, North Carolina)

“No tree is without it’s spirit. It is home to a living being that oversees all activities and energies associated with the Tree. This spirit grows with the Tree and disappears with its death.

Tree Spirits have great dignity. Tree spirits are generally affectionate to people, and are drawn to humans. It is not unusual for humans to have there favorite tree and for trees to have their favorite human.”

“Every tree is also home to a wide variety of elves and faeries. Often these live in communities and are seen in groups. Many of them are tied to the tree for life, and thus they are very protective of them. It is also why it is best to ask their permission before cutting.”

“The elder tree has the highest elf population. Under its roots live many tiny elves. The elder also has its own faerie personality, sheltering many good elves and faeries. The oak tree has a long history of magic and faerie lore associate with it. It is often a the home or gathering spot of many nature spirits, and it always resist being cut.”

“One group of elves found beneath trees are known as the moss maidens in Germanic lore. These very ancient beings live within the root systems of trees. They hold knowledge of the healing power of all plants”

(Appalachian Trail: Hot Springs, North Carolina)

“There are others of the faerie realm who also gather and live around trees, in woods and forested areas. To the Greeks, they were known as dryads. To most people they are still found in wooded and forested areas — especially those that are somewhat wild.

The wood nymphs are usually female, and wear little or no clothing. Glimpses usually show them dancing in the sunlight that comes through the trees. They sing beautifully, often imitating the birds. The understand the language of animals and of humans. They have a curiosity about humans and although they usually avoid direct contact, they will risk it for the opportunity to observe humans.”

“Any tree can be a doorway into the faerie realm. Any tree can be a source of energy and creativity in its own way. By opening to those spirits, faeries and elves associated with the trees, we invoke the energy of the tree itself into our lives”

-Ted Andrews

Enchantment of the Faerie Realm

(Albizia julibrissin)

Photos by: Amelia Lopez




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