Colorful Salt


(Himalayan Pink Salt from the Himalayan Mountains)

This is why I haven’t bought “table salt” in almost 10 years.

Once upon a time not so long ago people in the United States started to suffer from a variation of nutrient deficiencies. One of those being iodine. When we move further away from the sea, diffenciencies like this manifest.

Humans have always gravitated to the sea or areas high in salty mines because it is essential for humans to live and thrive. Things like water regulation and endocrine/horomonal balance.

Through recent health fads born from issues caused by processed salt and fats, they have been demonized and thus even good salt and fat were cut completely out of peoples lives. In return people are getting numerous other health issues manifesting from not getting the essential nutrients needed from these sources to keep the body in balance.

All in all people are very uneducated about what nutrients are nesscary for basic survival and what is toxic to the body. This is not anyone’s faults as we weren’t taught this in school and had to learn it for ourselves if we hmfounf the interest.

Processed salt was first produced very recently in American in 1924. Along with the many other toxic processed things this country created for the purpose of mass production.

What is processed? It is when you strip a natural substance of what they call “impurities” which is minerals and bleach it with preservatives and chemicals that are toxic to the human body to make it look nicer the add what ever nutrients they think is needed in it back into the product made chemically in a lab. Not quiite the same.

“In particular, food staples and food-processing procedures introduced during the Neolithic and Industrial Periods have fundamentally altered 7 crucial nutritional characteristics of ancestral hominin diets: 1) glycemic load, 2) fatty acid composition, 3) macronutrient composition, 4) micronutrient density, 5) acid-base balance, 6) sodium-potassium ratio, and 7) fiber content. The evolutionary collision of our ancient genome with the nutritional qualities of recently introduced foods may underlie many of the chronic diseases of Western civilization.” from, The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 

About chemically made nutrients vs naturally extracted…

What is natural sea salt? And why so we need it?

For thousands of years people all over different parts of the world have harvested different variations of the salt from the sea. It helped to preserve the food as well as nutrients for survival. They most likely even knew it then but the nutrients in sea salt regulate water balance, blood, thyroid and muscle regularities.

These salts are quite beautiful and it is known that the deeper the color the bigger the amount of trace minerals. Depending on were it’s harvested.


When we strip a natural substance of everything and take it down to its base molecule: sodium chloride we take away a vital part of what makes that substance work in balance with us. And when we try replacing it with something man made in a lab without intention, we try and short cut natures process it starts to have the opposite effect on the body and intern is bad for our hearts, throwing off the balance of our endocrine system and our thyroid glands, throwing off our metabolism and blood pressure…

And these processed, lab made salts are in all processed foods! Especially in the fast food world. This is one of many reasons why people don’t eat at those places any more and by organic and natural foods without preservatives and food dies and so on.

Table salt has only been around for 100 years, is a true issue and the probable cause of most of Americas major health issues among-st the many others manifesting. It is a poison for humans and many people are working hard to eradicate it and educate others but it really does start with the buyers.

What can we do?* Buy Colorful Salt! It’s super available and you can get many varieties in bulk for a good price. You can even find discounted bags of Himalayan salt at Ross sometimes. Celtic salt is great too that’s the first real salt I started using. It has a beautiful smokey look to it. Just don’t fall for the iodized sea salt advertising. Read what you are about to put into your body! Buy the real stuff!


(Celtic Sea Salt from the Celtic Sea in France)

When you strip something of its natural essences and bleach it of what it’s made of and try and give it a man made part to make it work again you basically have yourself a robot. A man made product. It looses vitality, healing ability and magic.

The vibrant trace minerals in these naturally harvested salts are known to balance immunity, brain function, water, blood sugar, blood pressure and the list has dimensions. Trace minerals from sources that are naturally rich in is what the body needs to harmonize and maintain true wellness. When you fall away from this and the source of our resources, we start to see problems.

If you, your children or anyone else in your family is suffering from issues related to cardio, hormonal imbalance, metabolism issues, water imbalance, and anything similar its imperative you choose to make the switch to unrefined sugars and salt. You don’t have to become a vegetarian and cut something out. You are simply replacing and choosing a  more conscious, sustainable option and supporting the companies farming sustainability, helping there product become more  available and lower in price over time. It usually is simpler than we think. Humans make things seem more complex than they really are. I know I do. Make the switch! Do it for yourself and end up doing it for the whole!

Holistic Living

Here’s some neat info on my favorite natural sea salts:

Celtic Sea Salt:

Celtic sea salt is usually harvested from Brittany France near the Celtic Sea. Its rich unique mineral content makes it have a grayish hue to it. Same as the Himalayan Salt Celtic sea salt is harvest by hand and when harvested tends to retain its moisture a bit. The trace minerals in these salts are known to balance immunity, brain function, water, blood sugar, blood pressure and the list is endless. Trace minerals from sources that are naturally rich in is what the body needs to harmonize and maintain wellness.

Pink Himalayan Salt:

This rosy multicolored salt comes from the great Himalayan mountains themselves a range that stretches 186 miles wide and 5000 miles high from north Pakistan to the Indus River. There are over 6 mines scattered across the mountains, each producing there own distinct varieties.

Pink Salt is harvested by hand using sustainable practices with a nearly infinite supply. Another major plus is that no animals or plants are affecting during the process.

This picture below is of a room inside one of the mines made of hand carved bricks!



American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: http://m.ajcn.nutrition.org/content/81/2/341.full

American Sea Salt Company: https://www.seasalt.com/himalayan-pink-salt-sustainability

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