The Spirit of Bee Balm

Photo by: Amelia Lopez


Latin name: Monarda citriodora

Common names: bee balm, horsemint, wild mint, lemon mint

Bio-region: Central Texas

Qualities: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, stimulant, spicy, warming, aromatic

Common uses:  Cold and flu remedy, throat tonic, insect repellent and aids in harmonizing any kind of bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Bee balm attracts our great pollinators and is a lovely addition to anyone’s garden. Having many lobed pedals with different colors varying from gradients of pinks, purples, whites and greens.

How to use: Infused fresh into honey, glycerine, alcohol or made into a warm tea. Also, great to use as an herb for preventative medicinal broths during season change.


I think it likes to be called the faerie plant ♡

Photo by: Amelia Lopez

4 thoughts on “The Spirit of Bee Balm

    1. Thank you!! I’ve only seen this species locally in the central Texas area whereas Colorado and other bio-regions having there own unique style of wild mint. It can be obtained by an herbalist, gardener or at a natural food store like Wheatsville co-op in Austin Texas. I also have some of my own I tinctured in glycerine to work on some blends and ideas I have ❤ It has a numbing quality so I want to make something with Bee Balm for the throat when it gets sore or infection is questionable.


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