Looking to reshape my view of logic

I have been strong at dreaming big, comming up with ideas, digging up treasures, connecting the dots. But then tend to lack in my communication and argumenative skills and Instead I lean toward what seems to be the opposite of logic, very emotional.

We are taught to hold back our emotions which was thought to be a more masculine world and now to let it all go free, crying it all out is though to be the more feminine. But it seems that emotions are different than a feeling. The feeling itself being a less turbulent source for expressing ourselves than an emotional response. 

If you are like me and tend to be really emotional it seems harder to express my feelings. For a while I pinned this being highly emotional juat meant I was sensitive. This isn’t true. Yes being sensitive can cause one to become really emotional. Because sensitive people tend to burry there feelings from feeling so much and they later come out as intense emotion and never ending tears. If a sensitive person grew up learning healthy boundries and self expression then there feelings wouldn’t be needing to be burried.

It seems to me that not sharing my feelings and Instead hidging them away equates to being emotional later. Now this is were logic comes into play. And this is were I’m starting to have an epiphany::

In this first paragraph apparently being logical is something that helps one to think clearer and strengthens ones ability to communicate and argue well. Which I am not good at at all. People who are highly sensitive/emotional have a hard time communicating there feelings and aren’t great at arguing, taking to much on, so they either avoid conflict and stating there feelings alltogether and end up in a loop of never feeling heard and never being able to even share that bc now all there emotions in an agreement are suppressed and make it hard to communicate and argue. Looking up the opossite of logic you find emotional. Makes so much sense. Practicing logical thinking will help one to control and balance there emotions. So they may feel and tear up in healthy ways for all there days.

Somewhere they will meet in the middle and balance with manifest. I also had the thought feeling is different than an emotion. And that focusing 

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