An Uncalcuated Life in the Present

Allan Watts lesson of the day

Living the uncalculated life for all us over analytical folks out there:


“It was once described that the life of a liberated being as a perpetual uncalculated life in the present.”

You cannot force it, or it isn’t genuine. You are already living the uncalcualted life. You are only pretending like you are calculating and arranging it (the way we think earth school is suppose to be).

There is nothing you should do to live in this connected uncalculated presence. This relationship already exist. It is there. It is the natural way.

Common trend in spiritual doctrine: Divine grace, a change that comes about from something you cannot produce and if you do try to produce it you will become a victim to spiritual pride. But, then all the spiritual teachings are telling you that you have to make an effort, there is something you must do.

You will find that when you try and control your mind, producing only thoughts that you think are good for you, you will see that you are going around in circles.

When you enter into a marriage you really do not have any control over the outcome, in the ordinary sense of ego control. We all will take a huge gamble in which we have involved an enormous complex of patterns. And maybe it will all come out well if you don’t interfere with it too much ^_^

The only way to stop the world from going to hell is to not try to prevent it, most wars are started because they think they are helping someone with something. To benefit an outcome.

This is where is all begins to boil down to divine selfishness coupled with kindness. The first true love is the love of self, which we know to be genuine. Then we ask, what do I want? And who am I? Because we better know who we are in relation to what we want.

If I am the center of the desire what is it all for? It seems as if everything I want isnt me, healthy food, any pleasure we can think of is the enjoyment of something other than myself… I enjoy the sensation that happens to my body when I mix that with me. A synergy.

But when you explore Me, Me it has no limits. I cant experience me without the other.

All indirect quotes from Allan Watts: Do What You Want video on YouTube

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