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God Speaks 

Did you know one of the easiest ways for God, the universe, and/or source to communicate to us is through symbols and nature? What do you think source is trying to tell us about how we are utilizing our free will?* I’m sure many have been asking questions such as, how can I find relief? Balance? Contentment? Taking care of ourselves and our environment is a huge bright flashing sign for us all as a collective right now 🌐🌿💦🔥 What patterns are occurring for us to take note of? Read all the lines, curves and in-betweens 🕊 It is ultimately up to us to listen and interpret what God is saying to us. What are we doing daily to align with spirit and the good of all? To strengthen our ability to receive divine intutiton with more and more clarity? The questions I ask. Open and willing to clearly recieve the messages.

All the loves🔸 💜🔸

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