Hummingbird Teacher

With the hummingbirds ability to travel great distances and stop at lightening speed, it reminds us how to be adaptable. To roll with the punches and never give up.

They show us how to stop, minfully and quickly to see what’s in front of us, smelling the roses. Then without hesitation, continuing to move forward to the next flower of life 🌺 abundant and open, ready for what’s next.

~*.Showing to us how to get the most out of each situation. Tasting the sweet treasure, the nectar beyond the bitter parts of the flower.*~

They reconnects us with the flowers and there roll in our lives.

The hummingbirds bring joy to those they comes across. Fluttering deep into each of our hearts. Reminding us of the joy of living and how free our hearts are in truth ♡*

Im also really beginning to see the connection of the hummingbirds to the dragon and phoenix beings 🐉*

Happy hummingbird blessings~!*

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