An Uncalcuated Life in the Present

Allan Watts lesson of the day Living the uncalculated life for all us over analytical folks out there: “It was once described that the life of a liberated being as a perpetual uncalculated life in the present.” You cannot force it, or it isn’t genuine. You are already living the uncalcualted life. You are only… Continue reading An Uncalcuated Life in the Present


The Spirit of Bee Balm

Photo by: Amelia Lopez   Latin name: Monarda citriodora Common names: bee balm, horsemint, wild mint, lemon mint Bio-region: Central Texas Qualities: Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, stimulant, spicy, warming, aromatic Common uses:  Cold and flu remedy, throat tonic, insect repellent and aids in harmonizing any kind of bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Bee balm attracts our… Continue reading The Spirit of Bee Balm